Virtusa Placement Questions

Virtusa Technical MCQ Questions
1) Which one of the following models is not suitable for accommodating any change?
a) Build & Fix Model
b) Prototyping Model
c) RAD Model
d) Waterfall Model
Answer: d
2) Which model can be selected if the user is involved in all the phases of SDLC?
a) Waterfall Model
b) Prototyping Model
c) RAD Model
d) both Prototyping Model & RAD Model
Answer: c
3) In which area of a class are function and data directly accessible, even outside the class?
a) Private
b) Protected
c) Public
d) None
Answer: c
4) x = 40
y = 35
z = 20
w = 10
If these are the values assigned, comment on the output of these two statements.
Statement 1: print x * y / z w
Statement 2: print x * y / (z w)
a) The output will change by 80
b) Change by 160
c) Change by 50
d) Will remain the same
Answer: a
5) What among these is true ?
a) Associations may also correspond to relation between instances of three or more classes
b) Association lines may be unlabeled or they may show association name
c) All of the mentioned
d) None of the mentioned
Answer: c
6) The interface is represented in UML notation by
a) Circle with the name below the circle
b) Dotted eclipse with the name inside the eclipse
c) Rectangular box with the name of interface inside it
d) Dotted circle with the name inside it
Answer: a
7) A top-to-bottom relationship among the items in a database is established by a
a) Hierarchical schema
b) Network schema
c) Relational Schema
d) All of the above
Answer: a
8) The collection of information stored in a database at a particular moment is called as
a) schema
b) instance of the database
c) data domain
d) independence
Answer: b
9) ___________removes all rows from a table without logging the individual row deletions.
Answer: d
10) The UNION SQL clause can be used with
a) SELECT clause only
b) DELETE and UPDATE clauses
c) UPDATE clause only
d) All of the mentioned
Answer: a
Virtusa Coding Questions
are called cryptorithms or alphabetical coding. Where an alphabet is assigned a code so that the problem is to be solved using given summation. Write a program to solve such questions, which prints the letter and its corresponding digits that satisfy the given addition.
2) Write a program to find the four digit numbers, which are perfect squares, and all the digits in that number are even.
3) Write a program to eliminate duplicates in a sorted array.
4) Write a recursive fun to print 100 Fibonacci numbers.
5) Write a program to check whether the given string is palindrome or not?
6) Write a program to sort a linked list.

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